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Can You Get A Massage While Pregnant?

Can you get a massage while pregnant?


Commonly called a prenatal massage, a massage during pregnancy can help with some of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. A prenatal massage is performed on a table with a cutout for the clients belly to sit in or while the client lies on their side with cushions to keep client comfortable and eliminate any back strain. A weekly prenatal massage can help alleviate leg cramps, stiff neck, depression, anxiety, back pain and swelling. Prenatal massage can be an amazing gift for a pregnant loved one during a physically stressful time!

IHC has several therapists who are knowledgeable in prenatal massage techniques. IHC therapists give the massage while the client lies on the side with cushions to keep them comfortable rather than using a table with a hole for the baby bump. A 3o min prenatal massage at IHC costs $40 and a 60 min costs $75. You can always book appointment for a prenatal massage by calling and requesting a prenatal massage for a certain time or using our online booking on the IHC Day Spa website and choose prenatal massage. Prenatal massage can also be purchased as gift cards for friends and family who are pregnant.


Selecting prenatal massage for booking or gift cards
Example of menu when selecting massage type wanted when booking or buying a gift card


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