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How A Series Is Perfect For Massage Lovers.

How a series is perfect for massage lovers.

Is it important to you that you get that weekly massage to keep stress and soreness at bay? A series is the perfect way to pay for massages you know you’ll use in the future. A series allows you to get your massage and continue your day quickly and easily.

What’s a series?

A series at IHC is a great option for people who enjoy massages regularly. For a series you purchase 5 massages or packages sessions upfront (can choose five 30 minute sessions, five 60 minute sessions, etc) and get 6 sessions.
When you come in to use your series simply state you’re using a series and initial on our series card to show you’ve used a session. Series can be shared with friends and family with prior permission from the series holder.

What if I want a longer session than purchased on a series?

You are able to combine two sessions in one appointment if desired. You can also use half of a session for a shorter appointment.

Do series expire?

No, you never have to worry about wasting a series because it wasn’t used quickly enough. You can stretch out the sessions as far as you’d like as long as you don’t forget about the series altogether!

How do I purchase a series?

Choose what service or package you’d like to purchase a series of. Purchase in the lobby of the spa or purchase your series on a gift card online at

Series option offered when purchasing a git card online
Spa services can also be purchased as a series.
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